Monday, June 20, 2011

Nut Milks

Nut milks are exactly what they sound like, dairy-free milk made from ground nuts.  These beverages are a great alternative for people who are sensitive to dairy or soy products.  Almond milk has gained popularity and can now be found in the dairy section of most grocery stores.  Nut milks are also easy to make at home if you have a vitamix or other high speed blender.  Almonds are wonderful for making nut milk but you can also use brazil nuts, hazelnuts, cashews, walnuts or any other nut or seed that appeals to you.  These milks are delicious with cereal, coffee, or added to smoothies and shakes.  They will keep for 2 days refrigerated or can be frozen in ice cube trays and then transfered to a freezer bag to use later.  In the pictures below I am making brazil nut milk but the same method applies for any nuts.
Soak 1 cup of raw nuts in filtered water for 4 or more hours.

Place soaked nuts with 4 cups of filtered water in high-speed blender.

Blend on high for 2 minutes.

Strain through a nut milk bag squeezing out milk,
or strain through a sieve lined with several layers of cheesecloth.
Discard nut pulp.

Nut milk bags are available at for around $12.

Rinse out blender well and add strained milk.
Add 2 Tablespoons agave or honey, 1 teaspoon vanilla, a pinch of sea salt and blend .



  1. I like nut milks
    and the idea of making
    them, even more. I am
    always a bit put off by
    the additional ingredients
    added to store bought. I
    need a Vitamix!
    xx Suzanne

  2. I'm looking forward to trying nephew recently gave me a recipe for yogurt using nut milk...perfect! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and for your SO nice comment! Good luck in my giveaway!