Saturday, August 27, 2011

Healthy Eats at the Fair

My daughters and I went on our annual trip to the Minnesota State Fair yesterday with my mom.  In the great sea of everything fried and on a stick, we were determined to find some healthier, but still tasty options.  I have no problem with occasional indulgences, so I am not being judgy here.  I like to indulge too, but wanted to avoid the unpleasantries that come with a full day of consuming your typical state fair food.  We always start early and leave when the crowd starts getting too thick for some people in our group's comfort levels, so we didn't cover the entire fair.  I am sure there are many more great dishes that we didn't discover.  Here is what we found:
The Caribbean smoothie stand by the horse barn
serves all-fruit smoothies and chocolate covered fruit kabobs. 

Raspberry smoothie made with raspberries, strawberries, peaches, banana, ice
and nothing else.

Dark chocolate covered  fresh strawberries.

My mother found a perfectly tender grilled pork chop on a stick.
The stand is next to the dairy barn. 
The Midtown Global Market tent behind the Agriculture building
features amazing fresh ripe fruit, peaches and cream, World Famous coconut macaroons
from the Salty Tart, naked juices and coconut water.

The amazing Salty Tart coconut macaroons.  To die for really.

Fresh fruit cup

Snack packs with pretzels, cheese, apples and grapes.

Coconut water for efficient rehydrating.

In the apple area of the Agriculture building we found frozen cider pops.

Apple, caramel and pecan sundae from the food building.

Veggie Pie stand in the food building.
Fresh fruit and vegetable pizzas, watermelon, veggies and dip at the Veggie Pie stand.

What are some of your favorite fair foods?


  1. Funny, I sent
    Eric and Elizabeth
    on their own {Will
    was busy} this year,
    protesting that "It's
    just a food fest!"
    Now I wish I'd gone
    and found these yummy
    things. You are right,
    our normal fair food
    of corn dogs, cheese
    curds, root beer floats
    and Sweet Martha's can
    be a bit discomforting!
    That smoothie looked
    amazing, as did the
    macaroons : ) !!
    xx Suzanne


  2. thanks, emily for blogging this! I am a die hard fair fan but recently i have been getting into eating right and working out. Since i am a yearly fair goer, I was worried i wouldn't find anything healthful. Thanks to your blog, I now should have no trouble finding something good to eat!